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Spot on, Tim. The consequences of a Trump win are appalling to contemplate. Apart from collapsing the rules-based international order, he will take the US down a road which may lead to the expulsion of millions of "illegals" and severe repression of political opponents.

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It's a shame your deadline meant you couldn't include the weekend's 'vermin' speech. He's obviously flirted with/embraced this rhetoric before, but now it seems to be scripted.

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we are here because the left would have to fully debate:

- the merits of breweries vis-a-vie gender, ethnicity and religiosity

- the desired level of inclusivity of piss-ups

- non-judgemental beverage self identification strategies (G&T++)

- nomination of platformed vs cancelled groups (Judean Liberation Front

? Don't make me laugh.)

In the mean time the right put their boots on and start marching.

Your homework: re-read Homage to Catalonia

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I will bring alcohol to Hay. Discuss, drink, cry, laugh.

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